Thursday, July 12, 2007

Helpful tools n°1

Yesterday's evening I was navigating and writing some code, line after line, I took a tour on the SharpDevelop Web Site, I love that tool, in the past years frequently I took a tour in the source code, to learn, to see what has been done.

So I went to the SharpDevelop Wiki and I found a wonderful online tool, a Code Converter. The tool is exposed as Web service and makes use of NRefactory to convert code.

The link is here you can find:

  1. a class converter:
    the supported convertsions are:
    1. C# to VB.NET
    2. C# to Boo
    3. VB.NET to C#
    4. VB.NET to Boo
  2. a snippet converter:
    the supported convertions are C# to VB.NET and vice versa.
  3. a code formatter:
    supports ASP/XHTML, BAT, Boo, Coco, C++.NET, C#, HTML, Java, JavaScript, Patch, PHP, TeX, VBNET, XML

It's possible too to use these features in client applications directly using and calling the web service.

As example I tried to format and colorize an xml chunk as:

<configuration target="StandardDatabaseConfig">
<provider name="testProvider" refTo="XmlProvider, TestLib.Providers" />

the result is:

1:  <configuration target="StandardDatabaseConfig">
2:     <provider name="testProvider" refTo="XmlProvider, TestLib.Pr
oviders" />
3:  </configuration>

Fantastic tool!


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