Monday, January 29, 2007

New developing frontier

Hi, I'm back to write here in my blog, i HOPE I can now write maybe everyday about my projects and Ideas, but unfortunately my job is so heavy in this last months so I cannot do anything, my guitar is still on my chair from october...waiting me... So, now I really want to start writing and share my ideas, my projects to the community, because i've learned so much in the past from all of you!!

In this period, I'm working on a new application framework, powerfull and attractive, unfortunately not an open project so i cannot share any ideas, any code, but one thing I can share here, my impression about web programming and coding conventions. 

I know many of us come from old, anchient time of dear ASP code, and in these years we've learned about new programming frontiers (for us), servlets, request handling, http handlers, url rewriting and more..the walk we made is so much..but now I found many many troubles on the way, now with the ASP.NET 2.0, Ajax time in progress, for me is impressive to see how many people, coming from oldest MIcrosoft worlds, still using old programming paradigms in the new worlds, I know someone cannot be impressed, but I'm impressed when I have to mantain and evolve these systems, built on new technologies but in the oldest way! DEBUGGING days spent to find just the right procedure flow, and after horror hours spent to resolve DEVIL'S code... I know this is just a my think but, yesterday I was thinking about: "where and in what place can I talk, very loud, of what I'm boring to see more???" and the I think: "my old BLOG".

Now, I'm thinking about this new time, where new technologies comes to the folks, ajax, web 2.0, 2.0, and more, and i'm thinking about what will be the approach to these technologies??

The fact is that we heavy need to change our way of think, using new tools and technologies, I think this time could be a better time, where new technologies could generate new job opportunities for everyone, for everyone! I was think another thing, how many poeaple are not agree of what MUM Microsoft is still doing with it's new products and Tech's? billions, and some time I'm one of them, but when I think of the new opportunities and jobs created from scratch, I'm really happy and exited about companies like MUM Microsft wich create job a make money going around!

So enjoy, I hope many of us could take advantage of what is in progress and learn learn learn!

and the last THING, I'm not fall in love with Microsoft, I'm just, oh better, I try to be realistic!


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