Saturday, February 03, 2007

Hi, recently I was thinking abount doing a bettere web site's/pages UI, in terms of design, lightweight, and easy development, and to group toghether the easy of an HTML/Javascript interface with the power of a server engine approach as ASP.NET or Servlets, and I spent many thinking hours thinking about that, because, I imagine a development scenario wherethe UI is so light and beautiful and back-end is powerful and robust, and so I though that no scenaro, as i imagine yet exist, yes now is between us the new Microsoft AJAX, or other Frameworks to this approach, but I'm thinking at something new, real new, for this I'm thinking about the Nuts-Framework, I wish to approach a new interface designer, tatlly javascirpt, and a server back-end that could be totally separated from the UI.

Something like a "UI Controls Comunication Standard" to let safely talk an UI interface to a back-end written in a language that supports it. Maybe someone can say, weak-up, something like this just exist, but now i Intend something better, that for example ASP.NET, Heavy powerful, strong design, and more and more, but approaches to the UI are so heavy, think about the Viewstate!!! so this is just an Idea, a Think, i hope i could discuss with anyone who want to talk and express ideas.

I know maybe I have to explain better but:

  1. my english is poor
  2. my ideas comes in my mind but take them entirely is difficult (my head is continuosly thinking)

So be patient with me, I'm for the IDEA CONDIVISION and talking, from there really innovatives ideas comes from


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