Saturday, March 29, 2008

Beginning NHibernate Story

Hi, I want, with this post, start writing about NHibernate and the related world of development. I recently started developing and using NHibernate in some projects, and I found the first set of great functionalities offered by the framework, I said the first set because I know that we know just a little subset of all the functionalities of the framework, specially all of us coming from the .NET area of development.

I've got the opportunity to use the framework in a project recently, I also used before but with a small set of features, and I've done some usage of the tool against the Oracle 10g Database, with ome restrictions, but we, the team, found some interesting patterns and practice to use with.

I'll like to share with all of you about our experience, because we came up from the community, and we want to give tro the community our contribution, so I decided to begin to write in my blog about NHibernate, our experience, usage stories and code to share. I know Ayende owns the better blog about NHibernate, but I wish to contribute.

So, I know and I believe that NHibernate it's still one of the better frameworks, I wish to came up with some initial posts about:

  1. Oracle RAW (GUID) type handler (implemented with a custom NH type)
  2. NHibernate criteria helper objects, which helps in the day by day ICriteria queries

So in the next days I'll begin to write about. Ciao!

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