Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Development Tools, libraries and more n°1

Hi, I wish to do some post about some helpful, exciting and great tools I knew, discovered from the net, and from my job experience. I'm a supporter in sharing knowledge, so I wish to share with you what I found. I've learned so much from the net, and from other shared with me..!
Today I want to start speaking about some well known technologies as: Javascript and AJAX (again! I wish I'm going to start speaking about much more!!).
Some time ago I knew from a friend of mine a library about javascript called Mootools. I was so exited when I found it and when I tried what could be done with it, that I started to play with, and including in my projects. Why I was so exited?! Just two reasons: first, it's so spectacular what it's possible to do with, second, years ago I started to think javascript in that manner, but there anyone could believe javascript so.
Following my "discovery", I started to looking for related technologies, and the things came up were so exciting, I found many other libraries doing the same (in some manner) but each one with some added value. Recently I found one of the best: Ext Library.
This library is more than a simple Javascript library, is a set of controls, codes, utilities, in other words, a World!
For now I will not say more about, I wish let you discover some features, next I will post about Ext.
With this fabulous library I found some other exciting things, a development environment, one of the best IDE Javascript, PHP, Rudy, and more. The most exciting feature is the Javascript Debugging one. Have to take a look! This is the Aptana IDE 1.0. Aptana is a free and commercial IDE, in the site you will find videos, examples a much much more! take a look!
Next post I will do, I wish to start directly with links and possible examples, with few words from "me"!
Mootools Javascript Library:
ExtJS Javascript Library
Aptana IDE 1.0 (The Web 2.0 IDE)
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